See how Virtual Office can help the expansion of your company

Virtual office is a service thanks to which you can save time and you can fully focus on expanding your business. You receive a prestigious address for your company registration and inclusion in marketing material as well as a possibility of renting conference rooms by the hour.

Many enterprises from out of Warsaw that use our services have observed a substantial growth in the number of clients from Warsaw once they started operating their virtual offices. Thanks to the new address they are able to generate a higher income.

Our clients also appreciate the possibility of handing over to Gold Place employees the handling of their correspondence or answering the company phone. They invest the time they save in expanding their business or simply they use it to relax.

Why Gold Place?

For years we have been cooperating with demanding clients, who value the highest quality of service, along with safety and experience. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible offer on the market of a Virtual Office in Warsaw.

  • Prestigious location

    We offer an address: Al. Jana Pawła II 27, 00-867 Warsaw (without a number of business premises or post box number) in an A-class office building - Atrium Centrum. Such a location successfully builds your company’s reputation.

  • Experience

    We have been operating in the market of virtual offices and work space lease since 2010. Over 700 clients have already put their trust in us. We also provide services of company registration, sale of shelf companies and bookkeeping.

  • Safety

    You can be certain that we will not impose any additional costs on account of a change of address in the National Court Register or in advertising materials, which happens in the case of small enterprises offering virtual offices. The scale of Gold Place’s operations is your guarantee of stability.

  • Large personnel

    We have several experienced employees working for us. We provide services in Polish and in English. There is always a person on site representing your company in a professional manner. Neither employee’s illness nor holiday leave is an excuse for us – we serve your company 100% of the time.

  • Discretion

    We do not place our logo or the logos of our clients in the office. Thanks to this you can feel fully comfortable inviting visitors to Gold Place.

  • Conference rooms

    You can reserve luxuriously equipped conference rooms paid for by the hour – without any regular charges, the rental fee includes coffee catering and assistant’s service for the awaiting guests.

Join more than 700 satisfied customers

I have been cooperating with Gold Place since 2011. Gold Place offers a high quality of services, but more importantly, an extensive understanding of the client’s needs along with friendly and competent staff. All that together makes for an excellent recommendation of this company. I can wholeheartedly recommend Gold Place both to newly founded and expanding small and medium enterprises.

Il Logistics
Martyna Palus – Company Owner

Nobilis Broker sp. z o.o. has been a lessee at Gold Place since January 2013. We wish to express our complete satisfaction from the services rendered, the evidence of which is our continued Cooperation. We are convinced that it is a company worth recommending on account of its professionalism and flexibility in adapting to the Client’s needs.

Nobilis Broker sp. z o.o.
Piotr Kowalik – Management Board President

We hereby have the pleasure of providing references to Gold Place regarding the operation and serving of a virtual office. Our long-lasting cooperation is proof that Gold Place is a trustworthy and reliable service provider. The company has always fulfilled our requirements; we particularly appreciate the speed and efficiency of handing over current correspondence. It is with a deep conviction that we recommend Gold Place’s services to other clients.

NANCO sp. z o.o.
Maciej Wiak – Management Board President

We used the services of Gold Place when buying a shelf company. The entire process of purchase and changes within the company went extremely smoothly, which allowed us to start operating quickly. We were looking for a company seat in a representative office building and efficient correspondence handling; therefore, since we bought the company we have been using a virtual office as well and doing so to our great satisfaction. Post is always scanned on the day of its receipt and Gold Place employees are friendly and eager to help. I have the pleasure of recommending Gold Place as a reliable company that approaches its tasks in a professional and prompt fashion.

Feniks Telekom sp. z o.o.
Bożena Stankiewicz – Management Board President


  • What will be the exact address for company registration?

    Aleja Jana Pawła II 27, 00-867 Warszawa, (no business premises number and no post box number).

  • How will my clients, couriers or postmen know where my office is located in the building, if it has no premises number or post box number assigned?

    There is a regularly updated list of all the companies we serve at the building reception, thanks to which your clients will be immediately directed to your office. We are also in regular contact with the postman and all the couriers operating in our location, which guarantees that every parcel or letter addressed to your company will reach your office. We have been operating in this fashion since 2010, which allowed us to develop the best model of operation.

  • Should my clients mention Gold Place or my company when they visit the office?

    The persons visiting your office do not need to mention Gold Place. They need only give the name of your company.

  • Can I place the logo of my company in your office?

    We do not place any logos in our office – not even our own. We are different from other offices in this regard, which our clients have definitely appreciated. We serve hundreds of clients. Your visitors could feel confused and your image could suffer if your logo would be found among hundreds of other logos displayed on our wall.

  • How do you react in a situation, when my client appears unexpectedly at the office?

    When your client appears unexpectedly at the office we inform that the person they are looking for is currently out of the office and we confirm that this is the location of a given company. We request that the visitor should leave a message, which we then pass on to you or we contact you by phone and announce the arrival of your visitor.

  • How does telephone service look like in your virtual office?

    We assign a telephone and fax number dedicated to your company. When someone calls your number, Gold Place employee sees the name of the company the phone is being made to on the phone display, answers the phone and introduces himself/herself using the name of your company. Depending on individual arrangements, the employee may note down a message and send it to you immediately or announce the person calling you and put them through to your telephone number. It is also possible to automatically redirect all the phone connections to e.g. your mobile phone.

  • Can I sign the agreement remotely?

    You can sign the agreement in our office or remotely.
    If you decide to choose the second option, it will be necessary to attach to the signed agreement a specimen of the signature of the person representing the company certified by a notary public (net cost of PLN 20 at any notarial office). It guarantees that no one will try to impersonate your company.

  • What is the duration of the agreement and how long is its notice of termination?

    The agreements are made for unspecified period with one-month notice of termination.

  • What type of agreements do you propose to clients interested in a virtual office?

    We sign an agreement of office space lease with clients who are interested in a virtual office. It worth emphasizing that it is not an agreement for the provision of virtual services that most offices of this type propose.

  • What should I do to use your services?

    You should fill in the form and our employee will contact you immediately in order to answer any questions and to arrange a meeting or send an agreement that needs to be signed.

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