An ideal place for business meetings

If you are looking for a place for business meetings, conducting a training session or a job interview, conference rooms in Gold Place are a perfect choice.

We offer room rental by the hour, thanks to which you can reduce costs and pay exclusively for the time you need. We offer discounts in case of reservations for an entire day.

Conference rooms in Gold Place are inside Atrium Centrum building, located at Al. Jana Pawła II 27 in the centre of Warsaw, 600 metres from Rondo ONZ underground station.

The prestigious location and high standard of this office building have been praised many times by our clients.

A restaurant located on the ground floor of the building offers an additional advantage. It is an excellent place to have lunch with your visitors, especially if you conduct an all-day long workshop.

Conference room suited to your needs

Depending on your needs, you can choose a smaller room seating 4 people (ideal for business meetings) or a larger one that can seat 10 people (an excellent choice for workshops and training).

Room seating 4 people

48 PLN per hour 450 PLN per day

The price includes also:

  • coffee, tea, water and biscuits with no limit
  • Wireless Internet (180MB / s)
  • Guest service

Room seating 10 people

70 PLN per hour 690 PLN per day

The price includes also:

  • 40 "LCD Monitor
  • coffee, tea, water and biscuits with no limit
  • Wireless Internet (180MB / s)
  • Guest service

Conference rooms with 20% discount for the clients of Virtual Office

Why Gold Place?

For years we have been cooperating with demanding clients, who value the highest quality of service, along with safety and experience. We make every effort to provide you with the best possible offer on the market of a Virtual Office in Warsaw.

  • Experience

    We have been operating in the market of virtual offices and work space lease since 2010. Over 700 clients have already put their trust in us. We also provide services of company registration, sale of shelf companies and bookkeeping.

  • Prestigious location

    We offer an address: Al. Jana Pawła II 27, 00-867 Warsaw (without a number of business premises or post box number) in an A-class office building - Atrium Centrum. Such a location successfully builds your company’s reputation.

  • Conference rooms

    You can reserve luxuriously equipped conference rooms paid for by the hour – without any regular charges, the rental fee includes coffee catering and assistant’s service for the awaiting guests.

  • Discretion

    We do not place our logo or the logos of our clients in the office. Thanks to this you can feel fully comfortable inviting visitors to Gold Place.

Join more than 700 satisfied customers

I have been using a training room at Gold Place for years. I am happy with the choice of venue. The room is pleasant-looking and modern. Organization of training session is excellent, and catering food is constantly supplemented. However, the most important advantage that this venue offers is kind, efficient and friendly assistant’s service, which both trainers and clients appreciate in their very positive comments. A great asset of this place is its location in central Warsaw with easy access for clients from Warsaw and from other cities. I absolutely recommend it!

Akademia Marketingu ATRIUM
Beata Skorubska – Director

I have been using Gold Place services since 2012. I make use of conference rooms on a regular basis, where I conduct training sessions and workshops. What is more, Gold Place provides me with office services involving correspondence collection and handling as well as a registration address. I can definitely recommend Gold Place to other clients seeking physical working space as well as a virtual office or rooms to organize business meetings in.

Jarosław Żeliński – Company Owner

Available terms


  • How can I check the availability of conference rooms?

    The availability of conference rooms is displayed in the calendar at our site.

  • How can I reserve a conference room?

    You can make a reservation by phone, by e-mail or by filling in a contact form.

  • Does coffee catering involve an additional charge?

    No, the price of renting a conference room includes, among other things: tea, coffee, water, biscuits and guest service.

  • At what hours can I rent a conference rooms?

    Conference rooms are made available during the office working hours, i.e. Monday-Friday, 08:30 am – 07:00 pm.

  • What are the conditions of cancelling a conference room reservation?

    Conference rooms can be cancelled free of charge 48 hours before a scheduled meeting. After that time a client will be charged according to the rates of the price list for renting conference rooms. Every conference room cancellation should be confirmed with an e-mail.

  • How are the charges calculated?

    A charge for conference rooms is calculated for every started 30 minutes of the use of the room, for no less than the time it has been reserved for.

  • How and when should a payment be made?

    Regular clients who have signed agreements with us, e.g. for a virtual office, may make payments for the conference rooms used in arrears by the 7th day after the end of the month during which a conference room was rented. The clients who have not signed an agreement with us are obliged to make an advance payment by a bank transfer or in cash before a meeting.

  • Can we receive collective invoices?


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